The Method Depends On How Dirty The Concrete Is

Your concrete is comparable to a pair of jeans. The type of wash depends on the type of dirt. If you spill oil on your jeans you would wash them differently as compared to a little dirt. Pressure washing delivers upwards of 3K PSI through a small nozzle. This pressure works wonders on a tough surface against loose material. However, remember that a pressure washer sprays at almost 50 times the pressure of a garden hose. At close range this can actually cause etching into the concrete. As an alternative soft washing can take out the harder stains with soaps and less pressure.

Pressure Washing For Lighter Material

Power washing is the same as pressure washing. So, when you hear power or pressure, don’t think it is anything different. Pressure washing is perfect for lighter material. It can be used to push off dirt and grime, leaves, and twigs. However, if you are seeing mold or black stains you need something else. A pressure washer may take off the dark stains, but it is probably etching into the concrete. Do this enough and you will start to see a grove in your driveway.

Hire A Professional

In order to figure out whether you need to power or soft wash you need to hire a professional to clean your driveway. Instead of ruining or not cleaning it well enough, a professional can bring all of the equipment you need to create the fresh look of a new driveway.

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