Your roof isn’t indestructible

No landscape lasts forever. Mountains slowly erode. Oceans fill in and close. Rivers cut through planes creating canyons, and your roof will eventually need to be replaced. Well, I guess you could sell your house before that needed to be done. Instead, accept the fact that your roof needs a soft touch and a constant cleaning just like everything else. Your home’s exterior is just like your own exterior. It needs a good scrubbing every once in a while.

As your roof ages, it collects debris, mold, mildew, bacteria, and pollen. All of this material can attach to your roofing shingles in the cracks and crevices. Unattended growths aren’t a good thing. Proper roof cleaning at the major seasonal changes in your climate will ensure that your roof lives each weather event clean and fresh.

Water doesn’t clean stains

Does rain clean your roof? Can you just use a hose to clean your car? Hopefully, you answered “no” to both of those questions. Water alone won’t solve your dirty roof problem. Instead you need to use soap! But what types of soap?

Think of your roof and home’s exterior as akin to a piece of clothing. The proper mixture is water, bleach, and surfactants. These ingredients are the main active ingredients in your common laundry detergent. What you use on your cloths you can use on your roof, basically.

Soft washing is a better alternative

This chemical concoction is called soft washing. Professionals experienced in this technique are able to clean your home’s roof, regardless of the material, without large, 4000+ PSI, pressurized water. Instead, soft washing relies on the detergent mix to lift the stains, mold, mildew, pollen, dirt, and grime from the cracks and crevices from your roof. All it takes is a soft rinse from their low powered pressurized nozzles to clean everything off.

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