Gutter cleaning is extremely important. Simply preventing dirt and debris buildup in your gutters can prevent thousands—if not tens of thousands—in roof, foundation, and basement repair. Gutter cleaning by professionals is the best way to ensure your gutters remain clear, but what does that process look like?

1. Remove All Debris

The first part of the gutter cleaning process is to remove all debris. This includes leaves, twigs, and sticks that have fallen from nearby trees. Debris can cause water to stand and eventually breaks down into dirt which can cause blockages.

2. Check For Blockages

Once all of the debris is removed, a professional gutter cleaning service will check for blockages. Blockages could be caused by compacted leaves or other types of dirt buildup. When your gutters have blockages, especially in the downspouts, water has nowhere to go except over the edge and onto your foundation.

3. Flush Gutters and Downspouts

After all debris and blockages have been inspected and removed, the gutters and downspouts will be flushed. This involves sending a stream of water through the entire gutter system to ensure there is nothing in the way. While eye inspections may seem like enough, flushing the gutters is the best way to remove any buildup.

4. Report Any Damage

One of the best benefits of using a professional gutter cleaning service is that you have someone to check for existing damage. A trained eye can spot areas of your gutter system or roof that need attention. This allows you to make any repairs before damage continues and gets even more expensive.

5. Provide Before and After Photos

When you use a gutter cleaning service, you will receive documentation of the work that is done. This will include before and after photos of your gutter system so you can see what was found and how it was cleaned. If any damage is found, photos will also be taken so you have the necessary documentation for receiving repair quotes.

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