Pressure washing is an effective yet versatile tool in combating grime and dirt on surfaces all throughout your property. Be sure to know when —and on what— exactly you can safely pressure wash, in order to keep your home looking at it’s peak, and also keep it well maintained for years to come.


When deciding if pressure washing should be used on your siding, the answer is sometimes —but not always. A trained pressure washing professional should be able to determine if your siding is up to the challenge, as some types of siding, such as shingles, can be damaged easily. Vinyl siding and most wood clapboard siding can generally be low pressure power-washed without concern.


As concrete and pavement are strong materials, they can easily withstand the strength of pressure washing. Grease stains, dirt, and whatever else might be on your home’s walkway or driveway can be removed quickly with the use of a low pressure washer. These materials are the sturdiest when going against pressure washers, and therefore can be cleaned worry-free.


A roof should not be pressure washed —even at a low pressure. It might seem easy to pressure wash the grime and mold growing on your roof, but in reality it’s a dangerous recipe for disaster. Instead, consider spraying your roof with a cleaning mixture specifically intended for mold and moss.


Using low pressure washing to keep your deck maintained is absolutely encouraged. Most types of woods hold up well against the intensity of a pressure wash. Some softer types of wood might be more susceptible to nicks or scratches, but that is precisely why hiring a team of pressure washing professionals is a great idea, as they have the background knowledge necessary to safely perform the job.

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