It doesn’t matter where we live; the roof of our houses will collect dust, dirt and grime. In damp climates, mold, mildew, algae and moss are a problem. In dry environments, sand, dust and ash from wildfires can ravage the roof. The question is, should we do something about it, and if so, what?

From the article title, it is obvious that the answer to should we do it is yes. However, there are a variety of reasons this is so. For one thing, debris on the roof can be very unsightly.  Viewing black streaks of algae, decaying leaves and other detritus just plain looks ugly.

Why do looks matter? Emotional health is one issue. Having something that looks ugly can cause stress without even noticing it. However, curb appeal is another issue. Home owners associations are adamant on the topic. Finding a renter, buyer or even refinancing the property is easier for it. Looks are an important issue.

Protecting the roof is another issue. No matter what the cause, leaving the debris on the roof can break down any roofing material over time. Leaks and the possibility of replacing the entire roof arise from ignoring the issue. Anyone that has lived in a house having the roof replaced knows it sets the teeth on edge.

The best thing to do is to hire a company to handle this project professionally. It is possible to do it yourself with rented equipment, but that leads to other problems. Without proper training, it is difficult for a homeowner to do the job properly and safely. It is also likely that damage will occur to the roof.

What can a professional do that a homeowner would have trouble with? They have the training to handle the job safely and professionally. The danger of someone being hurt is greatly lessened by this. The equipment for cleaning the roof is dangerous in untrained hands.

They are licensed, bonded and insured. In the event that something does happen, the homeowner is thoroughly protected. In a lawsuit happy world, this is good news. While a homeowner’s policy does protect, it does so at a price. Insurance goes up or may even be dropped.

It’s a lot less messy. If the homeowner does it, he or she has to rent the proper equipment, lug it home, set it up, do the work and then return the unit. Professionals bring their own equipment, do the cleanup and then take the equipment away. Tasks that need done, such as screen removal and replacement around vents, are handled.

They know how to check the little details. Like the emotional damage an ugly roof causes, little details may not be noticeable individually, but they are very noticeable over all. People don’t know what they see, but it makes a better impression when the roof is detailed.

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