Don’t just let your house mold and mildew over time. When it is ready to clean, make sure you do it right the first time. However, so many people talk about power washing and pressure washing. What is the difference? Why do people call it two different things?

What is Power Washing? What is Pressure Washing?

First things first, there is no difference between pressure washing and power washing. They are the same technique. They also refer to the same mechanism in the system, but just to a different aspect of the wash. Here are the main components to power washing and pressure washing.

  • Faucet connected to your house
  • Hose that runs from your home’s faucet
  • Pressure generator that builds up water pressure
  • Hose that runs from the pressure generator
  • Spray wand that is connected to the hose from the pressure generator

Let’s back up a bit. The water pressure coming out of your home isn’t going to be over 100 PSI. This isn’t going to be enough to get the dirt, grime, and gunk off your surfaces. The pressure generator knocks this pressure up to anywhere between 300 – 600 PSI or even higher depending on the system.

The generator looks like a normal gasoline generator that you crank to start. It will have a few extra components to accommodate the water, but generally it is a box in shape. As you want higher PSI the generator will grow in size.

How Often Should Your Pressure Wash Your Surfaces?

You clean the inside of you home often and it doesn’t get exposed to the elements. This implies that you should clean your outside surfaces just as often. However, at a minimum you want to clean all of your outside surfaces once or twice per season. The best time is at the changing of the season. A qualified professional will help you determine what to clean and how often to do it. Always hire a professional exterior cleaning company to get the job done correctly, and to keep yourself from damaging the exterior of your home!

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