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Having your roof cleaned professionally is extremely important as a homeowner. Not only does it leave your home looking great, something your neighbors (or potential buyers) will appreciate, but it also adds to the life of your roof and can greatly reduce costs. Here are a few of the benefits of having your roof professionally cleaned:

Prevent Damage

When you don’t have your roof cleaned often enough, you are running the risk of permanent damage to the structure and integrity of the roof as well as the shingles or other covering. As organic compounds start to grow on your roof, such as moss or lichen, it can cause moisture to build up when it rains. Over time, this can damage the roof itself and lead to wood rot and the need for roof replacement.

Get Long-term Algae Solutions


 for your roof will also give you solutions to algae. If you have noticed black streaks on your roof, you are probably dealing with an algae problem. This algae feeds off of the protective layers of roofing material which exposes them to more UV radiation. This can make shingles brittle and eventually cause them to break. Professional soft washing will include an algaecide to prevent future growth and keep your roof protected.

Improve Energy Efficiency

An often-overlooked problem with debris and buildup on the roof is how energy inefficient it makes your home. During the summer, moss growing on your roof traps in heat from the attic and black algae absorbs more heat from the sun. Added together, this can increase how hot your home gets, decrease energy efficiency, and ultimately increase your energy bill during warmer months.

If you want to increase the longevity of your roof, keep your home looking like new, and save money, book an appointment with a professional roof cleaning service today.

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